SnapShot Car Insurance Discount Program Expanded to Two New States

Drivers in Vermont and Montana are the latest to become eligible to participate in Progressive car insurance’s SnapShot discount program, which allows motorists to save if they have demonstrably safer driving habits.

The program–available now in 29 states and used by more than 100,000 policyholders–allows Progressive consumers to save up to 30 percent on premiums.

Consumers’ evaluations are based off of driving data collected by a small telematics device that connects to the car’s electronic diagnostic port. After the first 30 days of driving with the device in place, the data is parsed to see how far the motorist drove, what times of day he or she drove and whether any activities–like hard braking–occurred.

Progressive Snapshot deviceDiscount eligibility is determined after the first 30 days, but data is still sent to Progressive for the next five months. After that period, the device is returned and a renewal discount is determined.

According to the insurance provider, participation in the program remains voluntary, and negative data collected through the device cannot be used as a reason to raise rates.

Progressive monitors the braking events of a motorist during the evaluation period because those who frequently have to slam on the brakes may be getting into riskier driver situations.

The hours during which a motorist normally is on the road can also affect eligibility for a discount. This is because certain times of the day have statistically been shown to have higher crash volumes than others. Reports made available by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have shown that the hours between noon and 6 p.m. have had higher crash volumes than any other time frame. About 44 percent of the crashes that occurred in 2009 took place between the hours of noon and 6 p.m.

Also, motorists who drive less can get access to cheap car insurance through programs like SnapShot because lower mileage drivers are reducing the risk of getting into an accident by staying off the road.

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