Car Insurance Co. Holds Contest for High School Football Plays

detail shot of a footballHigh school football players are getting a chance to showcase their biggest plays and win money for their schools thanks to State Farm insurance company’s “Friday Night Feats” video contest.

Starting Aug. 27, high schools are encouraged to submit highlights from their football games through the auto insurance company’s contest page. Fans can go online to vote for their favorite plays, and State Farm will award 54 finalist schools $2,500 each. The top 10 videos will be selected by a panel of judges before going head-to-head for the grand prize of $17,500.

“In 2009, we saw hundreds of great plays and community support that led to big money for more than 50 schools,” said former pro football quarterback Doug Flutie. “This year State Farm is back and searching for the biggest moments on the gridiron to give more schools the chance to win much-needed funds.”

With the economy still recovering, many schools are in need of additional funding. Research from the American Association of School Administrators found 26 percent of schools surveyed said they had to increase class sizes. While the direct impact of class size on education quality is up for debate, larger classes definitely cut down on individual student and teacher interaction.

State Farm continues to be one of the top rated auto insurance companies and is a leading provider of automobile coverage.

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