Auto Insurance Co. Hits a Home Run for Charities

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The baseball season is over, but the benefits from fundraising by State Farm will be felt for some time to come.

The insurance company’s “Go to Bat” program raised nearly $185,000 for charities based on home runs hit during the second half of the Major League Baseball season.

State Farm Insurance’s manager of national sponsorships, Todd Fischer, says many people will reap the benefits of the program.

“State Farm, our agents and associates go to bat for our customers and their communities every day, so this was a natural extension of who we are,” said Fischer. “The ‘Go to Bat’ program gave home runs even greater meaning this season and made a lasting impact for the causes that mean the most to fans and their communities.”

Fans took part in the fundraising by voting online for their favorite charities. St. June Children’s Research hospital received the most votes along with an extra $25,000 donation.

In all, the car insurance company’s program resulted in almost $210,000 being donated to charities.

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