Availability of Steer Clear Auto Insurance App Expanded

Photo of Android smartphoneAuto insurance provider State Farm is making it easier for younger drivers to complete its Steer Clear Safe Driver Discount program by releasing its Steer Clear app for Android phones.

The app, which was already available to iPhone users, allows younger motorists who participate in the course to track their progress and access certain features of the Steer Clear program directly through their phones.

The program is made available by State Farm car insurance to customers under 25 who have had no at-fault accidents.

Participants must watch informative videos provided by the insurer, sign safe-driving pledges and complete a minimum number of hours of supervised driving, which the app enables them to log.

Upon completion, motorists are eligible for a 15-percent premium discount.

According to a press release from State Farm, the safe-driving course is intended to give the young motorists the kind of experience that they would get from driving under graduated licensing systems, which require beginning drivers to put in more time behind the wheel and get supervised experience in adverse road conditions.

“Steer Clear promotes fundamental driver safety behaviors that have been identified through research and can help guide those important discussions between young drivers and their parents,” Laurette Stiles, the insurance company’s vice president of strategic resources, said in a statement.

The program enables young motorists — a costly-to-insure, high risk auto insurance group — to save a little bit of money on premiums while reinforcing safe practices behind the wheel.

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