Auto Insurance Cos. Advocate Safe Halloween Driving Practices

"Don't drink and drive" written on a blackboardA number of car insurance companies have issued statements asking that pedestrians and motorists show extra care on Halloween weekend, noting that the amount of car accidents involving pedestrians spikes on the night when trick-or-treaters take to the streets.

Allstate auto insurance has cited claims statistics showing that the number of pedestrian-involved accidents in Texas and California jumps by nearly one quarter on Halloween when compared to other times of the year. The insurance provider asks that those on the roadways be extra alert throughout this weekend, adding that both pedestrians and motorists should refrain from texting while walking and driving.

GEICO insurance issued a statement as well, citing Department of Transportation data indicating that the hours between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. — the time when many will be going from house to house in search of candy — are the most dangerous for young pedestrians. GEICO advises motorists to drive extra slowly and be alert for young pedestrians that might dart out into the streets.

Both insurers point out the heightened risk of drinking and driving on this night. Since adults may be attending parties involving alcohol, it’s important that those partaking first find someone to be a designated driver.

do not drink and drive warning  on a blackboard
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