Insurance Provider Donates Cars to Military Families

Row of carsCar insurance provider GEICO recently announced that it has donated vehicles to four military families as part of the National Auto Body Council’s (NACB) Recycled Rides program.

Recycled Rides involves NACB member auto body shops refurbishing donated used cars in order to bring them up to safety standards and in working condition so that they can be donated to families in need of reliable transportation.

The insurance company presented the vehicles to the recipients at a Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in New York.

“GEICO was delighted to have this opportunity to make a direct impact on our local community,” said Ken Lalia, who is a manager for the insurance company and helped organize the project and present the vehicles to the families.“This was really a community effort, and it’s a pleasure to be part of such an honorable program.”

GEICO provides free auto insurance quotes online to prospective customers and currently insures more than 16 million vehicles.

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