AAA wants Michigan’s texting while driving to become primary offense

Operating an automobileOn Monday, AAA Michigan asked the state’s House of Representatives to amend legislation making it a secondary offense for drivers to send and read text messages while driving.

The Michigan Senate passed the legislation making texting while driving a primary offense, and AAA Michigan wants the state’s House to do the same. As long as the ban is only a secondary offense, police can only pull over drivers for another driving violation. Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has said she will sign the legislation if the state’s House approves the ban as a primary offense.

AAA Michigan is part of a AAA nationwide campaign to ban texting while driving in all 50 states. AAA Michigan traffic safety manager Jack Peet said that “text messaging is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Yet, many surveys show that an alarming number of drivers do it.”

Distracted driving has been shown to raise a driver’s likelihood of being involved in a car accident. The passage of the texting while driving ban is likely to bring Michigan auto insurance rates down for drivers who practice this dangerous habit by reducting the number of traffic accidents.ADNFCR-3298-ID-19732271-ADNFCR

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