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Making a left turn into oncoming traffic may now result in Oklahoma drivers receiving a traffic ticket, according to the Oklahoma House Democrats website. The Casey Lewis Act was signed into law by Governor...Read More »
Virginia recently voted to increase the speed limit on a number of its rural highways. This safety risk might result in a larger amount of auto insurance claims. This could make high risk auto insurance...Read More »
Last week, the California State Assembly passed legislation that will permit video recorders on car dashboards, the Associated Press reported. The law was backed by businesses that hire driving teams who...Read More »
Florida legislators are working to decide whether or not the state should end its practice of using a driver’s credit score in order to determine their auto insurance premium. The auto insurance...Read More »
North Carolina drivers could soon see their auto insurance costs rising, according to Raleigh-based ABC news affliate WTVD. This hot topic, being debated in the state’s legislature, centers...Read More »
Auto insurance coverage rates will rise for Maryland residents beginning January 1, 2011, Insurance and Financial Advisor reports. On May 4, Governor Martin O’Malley signed a piece of...Read More »
California’s Department of Insurance has instituted a campaign to promote a cost-saving insurance program. The Get Out and Drive campaign is reminding the state’s residents that they...Read More »
Distracted driving is causing deaths and injuries nationwide, and people across the country are taking a stand against it. Although the price of car coverage hasn’t been definitively linked...Read More »
Drivers in West Virginia have the Third-Party Bad Faith Act to thank in part for their low-cost car insurance. This piece of legislation ensured that the injured, or third, party could not sue...Read More »