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Auto insurance claims adjusters in Montana have responded quickly to a powerful hail storm that caused large amounts of damage to vehicles in and around the city of Bozeman, according to a report from...Read More »
The latest advertisement from insurance company Travelers has drawn the ire of a consumer protection group in Texas, which asserts in an open letter to state lawmakers that the campaign is aimed at misinforming...Read More »
The prices that Michigan residents pay for auto insurance coverage are heading upwards again, according to a recent report from the Upper Michigan Resource. The reason for the latest rate hike, according...Read More »
The state of California’s insurance department announced this week that the Automobile Club of Southern California had applied to them to offer a form of cheap auto insurance known as “pay-as-you-drive.”...Read More »
Auto insurance in Massachusetts may be more affordable than ever, but the state’s attorney general still wants more reform. Attorney General Martha Coakley has proposed changes to the auto...Read More »
Traffic cameras in Texas have given residents a new reason to drive cautiously on the state’s roads. The cameras have been increasingly effective in nabbing violators, who are then hit...Read More »
In Georgia, thousands of automobile accidents each year are caused by deer finding their way onto roads, reported the Department of Driver Services. Vehicle-deer collisions are on the rise, leading...Read More »
Trial lawyers in New York are lobbying to let more people sue over car accidents, a move that opponents say could increase auto insurance rates dramatically. Currently, state law only allows...Read More »
Many drivers in California have yet to take advantage of a money-saving insurance program, said a report. Only 18 motorists in Imperial County have joined the California Low Cost Auto Insurance...Read More »