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Ohio residents seem to be happy people, at least when it comes to their insurance. Maybe it’s because of their generally cheap auto insurance rates or the fact that the Ohio Department of Insurance...Read More »
There’s some good news for Washington state drivers who were wrongly ticketed recently for driving while using cell phones — getting nabbed for cell-phone use behind the wheel won’t drive...Read More »
With record amounts of rain drenching southern Wisconsin for the past two months, the state insurance commissioner is advising residents to use their comprehensive auto insurance coverage to soften the...Read More »
Auto insurance companies may be dropping rates in Louisiana, thanks to a reported falloff in car thefts. In 2009, 4,614 vehicles were stolen in Louisiana, down from 5,547 in the previous year, according...Read More »
Farmers Insurance announced yesterday that some of its California auto insurance customers will be eligible to receive a 10-percent premium rebate and an average 14.5-percent rate reduction. Current...Read More »
Three law enforcement departments in Texas each have a new vehicle for their anti-theft/bait vehicle programs thanks to Nationwide Insurance. The Nationwide bait vehicle program allows police...Read More »
Seattle has a new plan to keep people from speeding — monitoring them with cameras. says that a van equipped with the camera most recently aimed to catch people who were going...Read More »
Uninsured drivers cruising through Pennsylvania might want to think twice before they do so again. This week, Gov. Ed Rendell laid out measures he wants to take in order to help close his state’s...Read More »
Insurers are urging the District of Columbia to modernize its auto-insurance information reporting methods. Auto insurance companies that conduct business in Washington D.C. are required by law...Read More »