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Florida drivers who buy coverage to get their driving privileges back after a DUI or lapse in coverage will soon face a longer period when their insurer can cancel the policy. Currently, Florida car insurers...Read More »
Louisiana drivers will soon face stiffer penalties for driving without car insurance after Gov. Bobby Jindal signed Act 641 into law on Thursday. Starting July 1, owners of uninsured cars will have their...Read More »
Michigan’s recently announced car insurance reform efforts took firmer shape on Tuesday, with state Republicans releasing their plans in a draft bill that includes capping no-fault benefits at $10 million. The...Read More »
Minnesota’s car insurance system is the centerpiece of a no-fault reform effort that officials recently announced. Law enforcement authorities, politicians and insurance officials gathered last week...Read More »
Auto insurers in North Carolina asked to keep rates flat in 2014, according to the state’s insurance commissioner. The request was part of an annual rate filing that the North Carolina Rate...Read More »
There will be more properly covered drivers in Massachusetts if lawmakers there pass a measure to remove immigration status as a consideration when issuing drivers licenses, according to supporters...Read More »
A Minnesota bill would tax car insurers $10 a year for every covered vehicle to bolster funds for the state’s emergency and trauma services. Under HF 1967, the tax on Minnesota car insurance...Read More »
A recently introduced bill in Washington State allowing insurers to electronically conduct and post transactions with their customers received the support of the Property Casualty Insurers Association...Read More »
New York’s insurance regulator would be allowed to randomly audit and inspect medical practices suspected of fraudulently billing the state’s no-fault car insurance system under a new budget...Read More »