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The importance of a good night’s sleep was highlighted in a report on car crashes among Virginia teenagers. Researchers found that there were fewer auto accidents among teens who got more sleep before...Read More »
Allstate Insurance reported fewer vehicle theft claims for its customers in Texas in 2009. However, the cars that are being stolen are becoming harder to recover, because more are being taken across the...Read More »
A new seat belt law in Kansas could save lives and reduce the number and severity of injury claims made to auto insurance companies, said officials. Under the new law, drivers can be stopped and ticketed...Read More »
Some drivers may find that they don’t have enough auto insurance coverage or are paying too much for their premiums. However, simple methods can put the power back in the hands of consumers, allowing...Read More »
Major events in a person’s life can change their whole world – right down to how much they pay for auto insurance. Certain changes require a person to determine what aspects of their...Read More »
Some drivers in Hawaii will benefit from more affordable monthly payments on their auto insurance. AAA Hawaii will reduce rates for its customers by an average of 10 percent, slashing up to $120...Read More »
Police in Delaware have kicked off a campaign designed to crack down on aggressive driving. Motorists who drive recklessly put their lives at risk and also face steep penalties in the form of...Read More »
Many times, people looking for the best deal on auto insurance don’t know where to start. Knowledge of the types of coverage which can be purchased will get customers pointed in the right...Read More »
About one in every 10 drivers in South Carolina does not have auto insurance, said a report. Uninsured motorists can create problems for drivers who are insured because they force rate hikes...Read More »