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Traffic cameras in Texas have given residents a new reason to drive cautiously on the state’s roads. The cameras have been increasingly effective in nabbing violators, who are then hit with fees...Read More »
Traditional concern with the dangers of elderly drivers might be off base, said a new report. Fewer older drivers than expected were involved in serious accidents or filed auto insurance claims, reported...Read More »
In Georgia, thousands of automobile accidents each year are caused by deer finding their way onto roads, reported the Department of Driver Services. Vehicle-deer collisions are on the rise, leading to...Read More »
Trial lawyers in New York are lobbying to let more people sue over car accidents, a move that opponents say could increase auto insurance rates dramatically. Currently, state law only allows car accident...Read More »
Many drivers in California have yet to take advantage of a money-saving insurance program, said a report. Only 18 motorists in Imperial County have joined the California Low Cost Auto Insurance...Read More »
Families have options if they want to lower their insurance costs, said a report. Researching quotes ahead of time and looking for discounts are just a few ways that consumers can cut their insurance...Read More »
Auto insurers often charge higher premiums for teen drivers, but parents can still keep costs manageable. Statistics show that teen drivers are four times more likely to be involved in an accident,...Read More »
Drivers who purchase only the state minimum required insurance risk being under-protected for expensive crashes and injuries, said a report. An article in Iowa’s Creston News Advertiser...Read More »
A water pipe that burst in Atlanta caused Georgia’s computer insurance system to crash earlier this month. The rare incident meant that some customers who bought or changed policies immediately...Read More »