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Elephant, a Virginia-based auto insurance company, is doing its part to help the efforts to clean up the gulf oil spill with its Give for the Gulf program. The company announced that it will be donating...Read More »
Three law enforcement departments in Texas each have a new vehicle for their anti-theft/bait vehicle programs thanks to Nationwide Insurance. The Nationwide bait vehicle program allows police to lure potential...Read More »
An in-car camera system that allows parents to see their teens’ driving behavior has led to a 70-percent decrease in risky driving habits since the program began in 2008, reports WDAY News. According...Read More »
It has become a common belief that the growing number of elderly drivers means that older drivers will be involved in a larger proportion of fatal auto accidents than middle-aged drivers. In accordance...Read More »
Nebraskans who don’t drive often, dangerously or late into the night can soon be rewarded for their safe driving habits through a discount program soon to be offered in their state by Progressive...Read More »
Auto insurance is a competitive industry, and Esurance is taking steps to re-brand itself in a way that will entice consumers. In order to do so, the company is launching a new ad campaign emphasizing...Read More »
After getting into a car accident, motorists turn to car insurance companies to find out how much their repairs will cost. Part of the repair cost is determined by what materials need to be replaced. Earlier...Read More »
A free iPhone application from Esurance will offer the company’s insurance customers the ability to manage various aspects of their policies while on the go, in addition to providing rate...Read More »
Some drivers in Hawaii will benefit from more affordable monthly payments on their auto insurance. AAA Hawaii will reduce rates for its customers by an average of 10 percent, slashing up to $120...Read More »