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Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley announced the state will not prosecute premium finance company AICCO for prematurely canceling the auto policies it financed for about 100 motorists and small...Read More »
After hearing from consumers, regulators, law enforcement officials, judges and the auto insurance industry, David Simmons has made a decision: “It’s time to move on from PIP,” Simmons said. The...Read More »
The Michigan House of Representatives has sent a message to unscrupulous attorneys, doctors and other people looking to make a quick buck off an auto accident: Back off for at least a month. Yet for now...Read More »
The California government issued new regulations in September intended to set clear standards for drivers participating in technology-based ridesharing programs such as Uber, Sidecar and Lyft, but the...Read More »
California’s chief insurance official said that a new law allowing undocumented immigrants there to hold state driver’s licenses “could lead to auto insurance savings for all consumers”...Read More »
Michigan recently passed a law allowing insurance companies to electronically notify the state whenever a motorist renews their auto policy. The idea behind the law was to make it easier for...Read More »
Allstate auto insurance celebrated what the company described as a “major milestone” last week when it announced its driver-tracking program Drivewise had logged more than a billion road...Read More »
Missouri has become the 11th state in the country to stop motorists lacking auto insurance from collecting non-economic damages resulting from a car wreck, even if the crash wasn’t their...Read More »
Taxi drivers in San Fransisco want rideshare apps regulated The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is set to vote this week on a proposal that would significantly change regulations...Read More »