Charles Nguyen
Charles Nguyen
Charles Nguyen is a writer who’s been up and down California covering crime, cops, courts and government with his dog Woody. His reporting days began at UCSD, where he worked at the campus publication the Guardian and moved his way up from reporter to editor in chief. He wrote as much as he could for the twice-weekly newspaper, from a news series covering an on-campus pornography scandal to reviews of pop music and Denzel Washington films. His post-college clippings brought him from Barstow to the Oakland area –- and now back to San Bernardino County with Online Auto Insurance News. He also spent a year at the San Diego District Attorney’s Office as part of the Americorps VISTA program, aiding in re-entry and outreach efforts to felons and underprivileged youth. Charles is dedicated to applying his writing experience to produce useful news and sound reports for OAIN readers.
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